Who is not our cup of tea !


We love negotiations. But, when a customer reaches far beyond our pricing and doesn’t have a proper understanding for the culture of our work; sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We have a passionate team of designers. But, when a customer has no creativity, fails to observe the work we have done or fails to acknowledge us for our work, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We are an on-time delivery team. But, when a customer gets annoyed and unusually fibs about delivery dates, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


Our people are experts in delivering residential and commercial projects. If you aren’t motivated enough to identify our specialty, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We follow process-oriented approach. When our customers aren’t willing to cooperate with the procedure and formalities, sorry you are not our cup of tea!


Our personnel is well qualified. When a customer is availing services from architects, and aren’t willing to pay for their services, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We are happy to work with vasthu elements without any compromise on design. Yet if it crosses a certain boundary, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We are open to taking inputs and ideas from the client, provided the output visualization shall be good. But, when a customer demands the design referring to other similar designs, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


We help in guiding your project with a single point of contact. When people other than the proposed customer like his friends or other acquaintances indulge in the decision-making process, sorry you are not our cup of tea!


Our team members are experts in interiors. When a customer dominates our team instead of asking for suggestions, sorry, you are not our cup of tea!


Sometimes we also say 'NO' !


When a project just needs a consultation and if there is no scope for us to indulge in developing interiors, we would recommend the private contractors to help you.


When we find that the benefits of an interior are far less than what has been planned, we will connect you with specific consultants who can deliver best services for you.


When the recognition for money is far less than the value added services which are rendered, we would like to confirm that the project shall not be initiated.


When a client misunderstands the concept of designs over other consultants, we would generally suggest our area of expertise and the work done by us.

It's better to avoid these statements !


“When a customer argues with us to make the price lesser as they have heard other vendors who provide price lesser than this”

  • We are strong in our expertise. So it’s your decision to make a move with us or with them


“If you finish this project with less price, we would recommend you to other clients as well”

  •  Thanks for the statement. But we loved to work on limited customers with a nice shape. So we are not craving to have more projects running at the same time.


“We just need a fair sketch of the work for review”

  • To let you all know that we are professionals and we don’t deal with providing sketches for review.


“Let’s get the design right first! I will only pay if I like it “

  •  We shall not work without an advance fee. Since the time is crucial for the clients who believe us and we deliver our best.