Our team also offers facility management services which include comprehensive and integrated services for housekeeping, labour contracting, gardening, pest control, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters and other services.

The range of work:

  • Managing physical property with periodical cleaning & maintenance programs.
  • Keys will be availed from assigned source on scheduled visit days. Alternatively, a set of keys will be available with vibrant. (Schedules are flexible within the month)
  • Inventory of the property assets will be taken.
  • Schedules will be prepared once a month or fortnight visit where deep cleaning and touch-up cleaning will be done.
  • We will also undertake the work of electrical/plumbing and carpentry fittings and lines.
  • Minor repairs will be carried out (as approved) and escalated accordingly. Pest control & larger budget requirements will need an approval and an advance payment to manage the same.
  • Housekeeping includes cleaning, shampooing of upholstery, steaming of blinds/curtains, the airing of the closed premises, periodical attention to mattresses, etc.
  • Painting & polishing works on the premises can be estimated and carried out.
  • Occasional laundry requirement can be organized in case of post-visit Touch-up cleaning is applicable in such cases.
  • Preparation of the home with any requirements before arrival can also be provided based on advice.
  • Managing various annual maintenance contract services for gadgets/equipment can be carried out. Service renewal & vendor management can also be done.
  • If required, pictures of the premises, post service can be forwarded.
  • In any case of aged parents on premises, the same services will be carried out in coordination with their convenience.
  • Aid and Escort of parents for medical visits can be provided.
  • The services are pre-paid for and will be on annual maintenance contracts. Variable costs involved will be paid for in advance once approved.

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